I subscribe to Ag The International Journal of Photographic Art & Practice

Some interesting articles & book reviews.

 Winter 2010 Number 58

Review of new book that is also the catalogue for an Irving Penn exhibition @ the J Paul Getty Museum , Los Angeles  Oct 09—-Jan 2010. Looked @ images on website

  What I find interesting is how Penn chose to take the portraits of tradesmen & women. He “  took his trades men and women out of their enviroment and posed them in front  of the same plain backdrop that was in use for the fashion shots. Concentration therefore focused on their work clothes and the tools of their trade.” Ag Winter 2010, Editor Chris Dickie , Picture Box Media Ltd, Surrey, pg 86.

For these images the location is irrelevant allowing the observer to make a judgement solely on each subject’s appearance.

See exercise 2 Location hunting —& my preference for plain backgrounds.

Autumn 2009 Number 57

Article on how to create a HDR portrait, worked well on wrinkled old man dare I try this on my portraits of my mum? She would not be pleased with the exaggerated wrinkles but I think they show character more  than an airbrushed perfect image. Shall I get HDR software ? Not sure.


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