An active portrait

I decided to photography my chosen model washing cars in a garage area. I used a 28-75 lens. I ordinarily use manual settings but initially used shutter priority to ensure I froze any movement. However I reverted back to manual as the light was inconsistent (the sun kept coming in & out) , and I was more concerned with capturing my subjects expression than ensuring the whole of the image was correctly exposed. Hence the sky in most of my images is overexposed but my subjects face for the majority of images is correctly exposed. I probably did not choose a very wise activity to photograph as my subject moved around and up and down whilst washing the car and I had to be quick taking my shots. Additionally I did not really take time to frame but kept snapping, I prefer to wait , but for this exercise the aim was to capture “unselfconscious spontaneity” pg 14 Photography 1: People and Place. OCA.

I do not think any of the images taken for this exercise are particularly brilliant but I certainly got a variety of different facial expressions ( some not so flattering). I took a total of 30 images of which only a couple were blurry or underexposed. Using different focal lengths gave me the opportunity to compare the overall impact the focal length makes on an active portrait. The wider angled views obviously include more detail in the frame creating a sense of location and providing additional visual clues about the subjects activity. However I do like the closer more intimate portraits, but these give the viewer no suggestion  of the subjects activity. A few examples below, contact sheet with 26 images in off-line journal.

F5.6   57mm   1/1000 ISO 250


F3.5   28mm  1/500

F4     59mm        1/500

F8        67mm        1/320

F5.6       70mm      1/500

F3.5          28mm       1/500

F5.6      62mm             1/1000

F5.6        62mm


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