Sally Mann

Sally Mann uses a large format camera and her most well known work is Immediate Family. The black and white images of her family as they grew up caused controversy, as does a lot of her chosen subject matter.Because she chose to depict their childhood honestly, including scenes of nudity, she has been even accused of pornography. She recorded tears and tantrums, sad as  well as happy times. Her images capture and reveal the truth of childhood, and do not depict  the saccharine view that  perhaps most people associate with family snapshots———-not that her images can be classed as such. She records the world around her as she finds it with an honesty I can understand , her images are passionate, her involvement with the subject matter palpable.

I greatly admire her work,my granddaughter Maisie is one of my most enthusiastic models. I am aware however of certain boundaries that I cannot cross in my portrayal of her in today’s climate,I am sometimes wary of putting her image onto websites. Great pity.


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