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I enjoyed project one immensely, and had very positive feedback for my first assignment  from my tutor, Robert Enoch who commented ” what is wonderful about these photographs is that I feel I’ve met someone“. I have gained a lot from the exercises , they have forced me out of my comfort zone of head/head and shoulder shots. I love portraiture work, but very rarely compose full length. For the assignment I wanted to try and explore more unusual ways of depicting an individual and was especially pleased with The Ring, and Alone Again, both of which I would not have contemplated prior to starting the course, so I feel photographically I have moved forward. My Photoshop skills are not that brilliant so I am not too sure how to tackle the small adjustments to some of my images suggested by Robert. I must confess I thought the course was mainly portraiture based and hence am approaching the next section People Unaware with a little trepidation!

My Mum. Robert commented “ This is an excellent example of a formal studio set-up made informal and direct by patience and luck”  He has suggested I could possibly brighten the light in the eyes and decrease the brightness on the nose in PS to remove destraction from the eyes. I agree with this and will try but as I have stated I am not an expert in Photoshop skills–I am self-taught, but will give it a go.

The Ring. Robert liked how I had removed the focus from my subject’s face and commented, “the quality of the light and colour is sensation, eerie, telling of old age in time passing” He felt more light was perhaps needed on the jewel itself, and I do agree.

Age is just a number. Robert suggested that perhaps my mum looked  a bit “self consious”, this was quite a complex picture to take and I did take lots of shots, perhaps comparing her facial expression  to the one in My Mum it does look more contrived.Additionally the harsh light on the top of her head rather spoils the image.

  Eve. Robert commented about the ” vital looking expression with lovely soft and even light“.  But he felt it was a less succesful image than my initial two. He has suggested I try to remove the blue colour at the top , he felt it creates a distraction within the frame, I do agree and this was something I was not too happy with when printing. Time to try my PS skills again.

Waiting. Robert liked the colours, framing and the light but felt I had caught “an in-between expression“. I was not too sure what he meant initially but reviewing the image I can see there is a perhaps   a what are you going to do now ?  expression. I nearly did not include this picture but liked the contrasting tones and am glad Robert appreciated this also.

  Table for one. This was staged, Robert guessed it was and felt it needed something ,”an action or gesture” , to improve it and I do agree. I was attempting to depict the loneliness of dining alone but have succeded in only obtaining a rather bland expression in an empty looking room. Additionally the flash created harsh shadows, I should have considered the light more.

  Alone again. I was especially pleased with the feedback for my final image of the assignment, “This high contrast photgraph shows your talent for design and lighting with a perfect blackout on your mother’s figure. The light and my mother’s expression for this image were very important for me , I prefer to use available daylight if at all possible. Hence I was really thrilled with Robert’s comments.

I must thank my mum for being such a patient model also, thanks Mum xxx

Eve less saturation.

In PS I have reduced just the Cyan saturation to remove the distracting blue hue at the top of the frame as suggested by Robert. It certainly improves it.

My Mum——-eyes brighter version

I have managed to make her eyes slightly brighter , I do not want to alter the image too much. Not managed as yet to make the nose less bright!

Finally —–less bright nose, its not too obvious, especially here on the blog but is an improvement.


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