Moment and Gesture

Anticipating precisely what will happen, and when, proved exceedingly difficult, human behaviour is so unpredictable. However I was able to obtain a couple of images on Brighton Pier  that were taken trying to capture “the decisive moment” (Henri Cartier-Bresson). I love Martin Parr’s candid images of everyday life captured in gaudy colour which have ” a peculiarly  British appeal” pg 183 Charlotte Cotton,  “The photograph as contemporary art ” ,  new edition, Thames & Hudson, London 2009.

 Martin Parr: 

I was therefore on the lookout for similar situations as Parr chooses to shoot (but without the ring flash !)  when I saw a man talking animatedly to his companion and took two  shots of him as he waved his arms about in the air. His body language and facial expression amused me and I knew this had the potential for a great candid shot. Including the name of the  fair ground ride in the frame creates an amusing juxtaposition.  Only a few seconds passed between the first and second frame, but the second frame has caught the moment and gesture I envisaged. He looks like he is performing a crazy dance! 

F7.1           1/250         ISO 100   Daylight WB        @ 28mm                                                                                                                                                                             








The image below was taken after I spent quite a few minutes observing this young couple on the pier. I had no idea of what their movements or gestures were going to be but it was obvious by their body language that they were very much a young couple in love. Watching and waiting proved to be worthwhile, when they embraced I was ready to capture the moment. My only regret is that bag in-between them, it would be a much better composition without it,—one of the problems of un-posed photography. 

F6.3       1/320         ISO 100           Daylight WB      @ 100mm

Reviewing the images taken for exercise 14 I found 2 images that I feel “capture the moment”  I did not realise at the time of shooting I had caught the expression of the subjects face showing the sheer joy she was experiencing and as pointed out in the exercise brief “Many moments captured are difficult to predict, and reveal themselves only as they happen. Some, indeed, reveal themselves later” pg 25 Exercise 10 OCA Photography: People and place.

Both images   F6.3         1/640         ISO 200    @  200mm      


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