Assignment 2 Feedback

Some  thoughts .

I made mistakes in assignment 2.I realised the light was causing problems, and noted it down in my journal notes, but failed to really consider alternative viewpoints, or methods of dealing with it, such as fill in flash. Fill in flash would have helped improve at least two portrait type images , Follow the Jester and Queen of May for the day. I think the most successful image, from a personal point of view, was my final one, Time to go home. Robert noted “here you have managed to capture a strong feeling that is lacking in some of the other portraits”  I really thought about how to use the lower lighting later in the day to my advantage, although Robert suggested I perhaps still needed to use  fill in flash . I am not too sure why I made these  mistakes but do wonder if I was too caught up in the frenzy of making sure I got some images rather than simply waiting and considering more. He also commented my images seemed to be somewhat out of sequence, this is something I must look at because I thought I had arranged them in a logical (to me) order. I really do need to improve my skills in difficult lighting situations.

Perhaps on a brighter note one of the images was very successful!  Colour Blind , about which Robert commented “ This woman in yellow and green is a sensational portrait subject” . However he felt a clear background would have improved the shot, he did question if I had any other frames of this woman, but I have no other full length ones, only head and shoulder shots. What a pity!

How I wish I had waited a few more weeks, but I really wanted to keep up a reasonable pace for the course and not delay sending any of my assignment work to my tutor. A two week holiday was looming therefore rather than postpone I chose a set of images that I now realise did not completely fulfil the brief for this assignment. Even more annoying I took far better images whilst away & could have produced a much stronger assignment. The only upside is that I  managed to complete a lot of the exercises &  also gave me some time  to start to consider what, and how, I aim to approach the next 3 assignments. Holidays are a great time to catch up and take photographs, no work or home commitments to  get in the way (hubby does get fed up though when our day revolves around what I need, or want to take pictures of) .

Robert suggested I need to consider more what is” visually effective” and really look at “what is happening”. He advised me to “try to observe people …..and identify their  expressions, postures,and actions. When you remember someone, what do you visualise?”  I feel the images below are more engaging than my submitted set, I certainly spent more time looking and simply observing people around me, therefore not in any particular order I have posted the ones that got away !!!!

The assignment set I wished I had submitted . Mazey Day, Penzance, Cornwall. June 2010.



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