Project 3

As I have been  working through the exercises for Project 3:Buildings and spaces I am surprised at just how long, and how much thought, has to be put into each exercise. There are only 3 exercises in this section and when I first read through it I thought how little work there seemed to be done. How wrong I was! Taking photographs of spaces and buildings seems  essentially easy but to take from a users perspective has meant looking at these in an entirely different way. A difficulty for me has been trying to see a space/building as a subject, but not in an architectural sense. How do you photograph a building and present it from a users point of view with the exclusion of any human subject in the frame?      (See notes about Hancox  exercise 16)  

 This is good though as it is making me think more laterally, trying to compose an original image is more difficult though. I have chosen to include people in quite a few of my exercise images, and also plan to do this for assignment 3. Often the resulting image is not as attractive than if taken without having to consider the users point of view. However as this course is concerned with people, and the places they inhabit,  I feel this type of image is perhaps  more representative of real life.

 I am enjoying the challenge this project presents, trying to find, and then photograph, varying spaces and buildings is more difficult. I used a 2 week holiday in Cornwall to do a lot of the work, but now I am back at work (full time) I have less time. My day off on Wednesday this week will be taken up taking a set of images for one of my chosen buildings for the assignment.I must also do some reading and research this week as I have been lazy recently and neglected doing this.


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