School visit

I went to the school my eldest daughter teaches at a few days ago to try and obtain some decent images towards assignment 3.The school was closed for  the summer holidays but some of the teachers were busy preparing their rooms for the autumn term. My daughter pointed out how busy the space usually is when the children are there but obviously I was not be able to photograph them. This is a shame, but what I did notice was although the children were physically absent their presence, and how the space is used by them, was still perceptible. What particularly struck me were the bold bright colours within the school, and it was these that I really wanted to photograph and be representative of  how this space is used.

 When I was working through my previous OCA course, TAOP, I developed an appreciation of how graphic elements, such as blocks of colour, can be used to produce a visually pleasing image. I became aware of the work of William Eggleston, who’s choice of subject matter may not appeal to everyone, but I feel captures the beauty often not seen in the mundane. William Eggleston’s images “invite us to gaze and to consider. We see details that we might otherwise have overlooked and whose importance we might have slighted” Icons of Photography The 20th Century pg 170 Ed Peter Stepan. Prestel London. For the first 2 projects of this course I have given little thought to his style of photography but had this concept very much in mind when I looked around the school. 

 I love portraiture work, but I enjoyed taking these photographs. I have not had a chance to look closely at them on my computer yet, but the buzz I got simply taking them made me feel more enthusiastic than I have felt for some time about my photography. Trying to see, and portray, everyday objects and spaces in an attractive ( and artistic) way is particularly challenging but one I have started to feel very passionate about . As usual I took far more images than I need for the assignment.100 +  Raw files to process, (that’s the housework left for another weekend).Long live dust——— and art!!!! 

I did not expect to enjoy this section of the course as  much as I am , but by looking at buildings and spaces from a new perspective hope to begin to develop a more personal style , and try to show how I perceive the world around me. 

See Books section also. Pamela Roberts , A Century of Colour from the autochrome to the digital age, Andre Deutsch, London 2007.


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