Printing , reading, thinking

I spent some of the weekend reading, thinking and printing. Reading has been useful for assignment 3 , looking at how other photographers have approached taking “portraits without people”  pg196 Pamela Roberts , A Century of Colour from the autochrome to the digital age, Andre Deutsch, London 2007, as I feel this is the essence of the assignment. My printing has been less successful! I don’t do too much post production work on my images. I shoot Raw, process in Lightroom, then export as Tiffs to Photoshop Elements to tweak levels, colour, etc. I think I was a bit too enthusiastic in saturating the colours as my initial prints were horrendous—too artificial looking. More tweaking, less saturation , they then looked how I wanted them to look. I like printing my photographs myself, prints to me are the final stage from visualising how and what I want to depict to seeing the finished product. I like the control I have over the final image. Viewing images on a screen is all very well but nothing beats seeing and looking at a well presented print. 

I am also having a bit of a creative block, I have 2 more buildings to photograph yet for assignment 3. I have a couple of ideas but am having trouble thinking how to  represent them visually. I have already taken images from 4 different places & could possible just use 1 more building but would really like to take the maximum 4 images of 6 buildings . I find doing the course leaves me with little time for more personal work, but I did manage to take some portraits of my family on Saturday evening. I find sometimes I need to stop thinking too hard about the coursework and do something I really enjoy——-portraiture. Having a break (even though its photography based) seems to clear my mind and I get fresh inspiration.


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