Genre and personal style.

I am still busy writing up my notes and processing my images for the 3rd assignment. It was meant to reach Robert, my tutor, by Sept 10th, I am behind schedule. One of the reasons for taking an OCA course is the flexibility allowed, I have completed quite a few OU courses in the past but there is always a deadline, work and family life are too complicated for me to be under that sort of pressure. Anyway, I got up this morning and started to think about how a personal style begins to develop.  As I have worked through this assignment I realise I have started to look at, and consider , genre more. This has encouraged me to read and think more about how I wish to develop (pun not intended ! ) as a photographer. I realise I have used what will be considered different genre’s for the various buildings and spaces I have chosen for the assignment, not just one style throughout. However I feel this is a good thing as perhaps by experimenting with different methods of recording how I see the world around me and how I choose to interpret this into a visual representation I will start to then develop my own personal style.


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