Assignment 3 feedback

I am relatively pleased with my feedback , Robert commented ” This is a good, extensively researched assignment” . However my use of closely framed objects for some of my images was, he felt, more about the object than the place. Reviewing these again I can see he is right. This is something I really need to consider, especially when preparing for the next assignment. He has given me a list of suggested reading/viewing, so I plan to spend some time doing this. Luckily I have a week off work soon and plan to use the time doing this research. Although Robert found my photo’s “well presented” he also felt I have a tendancy to over saturate and use high contrast, something I must bear in mind.

School images.

   I really needed to include more background information to show more of  the “school environment” .



  Aggh why did I choose such a shallow depth of field for this image? . I missed the opportunity to really show the large area of the classroom. This is something I really must start to consider, I often use a very wide aperture that enables me to shoot quickly and hand-held, but I had my tripod with me therefore there was really no need to do this. I like out of focus backgrounds but did not stop to consider that it would be detrimental to the impact of this image and its representation of how a space is used.

Robert felt this was the best of the school set but notes ” it’s clear your main focus is not on place but object” he is  right, I intended the pencil-case to be a symbol , therefore it is a photograph of an object not the place.

Shallow depth of field problem yet again which “denies any reading of the space”. I really need to consider how important background information is to help understand how the space is used in a building.



Museum images

  Robert liked how I had framed the old man but I had placed my subject too low in the frame He also felt the composition was most distracting, I did not include the step in the frame! He suggests cropping the image and also when in a situation like this to use flash in addition to the ambient light, as I have lost any light in the background thus excluding background detail. My failure to consider the lighting meant I lost an opportunity to capture a more detailed image.

Cropped. Reviewing the image I can see how badly I had framed my subject , I have cropped but still feel it is  less successful than I initially thought. It improves the composition, but I was unable to crop the distracting sign out entirely and still keep him framed by the doorway, which Robert did like. A reminder to always check for visual distractions and frame more carefully.

Robert commented my subject looks bored, Ireally thought I had caught him in a pensive mood—-he had just finished talking about his younger days , the backgound table is slanted and the background needs to be in focus as well as my subject to give a sense of place.

Robert thought it would have been interesting to have included any visitors in a wider angled view, we were the only visitors that day . I think perhaps the images below place a bit more emphasis on the building in use.

F6.3      1/80            ISO 400     @ 28mm        Custom WB      @ 5000

I love taking photographs of  mannequins etc , but I realise I was the dummy including these in the assignment because I can agree entirely with Robert’s view that they are about the object not the place. I allowed my heart to rule my head , wider angled views that  included the figures would have been far more visually imformative and perhaps have then shown the museum how I really wanted it to be seen.

I took a few wider views that also included  mannequins in the frame and reviewing these can see how they  give a sense of how the space is used, that my closely framed images do not.

Examples below.

F3.2 1/80  ISO 400 @ 28mm Custom WB @5000

Minack images.

Robert agreed it was ” a good idea” to photograph here during a performance and liked how I had framed the image. He did think I should have framed the actress in the middle differently and waited for her to move but it was quite difficult during a live perfomance . I personally like her central position and am unsure where else in the frame I could have placed her.

Robert commented fill in flash would have helped, but did acknowledge this was not feasable (flash was forbidden during the performance) . Although he thought the hues of the sunset were “ lovely” he felt a wider view would have made a better composition. I agree with this comment, sadly I am unable to return and retake this. The widest focal length lens I had with me on this night was 28mm.

Robert suggests that a much lower view from the stage area “could have been the decisive coverage“. Access was denied to the stage area during and after the performance but  I did return another day and took the image below from that viewpoint but did not feel it was such an interesting photograph as the one I finally chose to include in my assignment. Additionally a much wider view would be far more impressive and informative. Until I started this course I really did not use a wider angle of view for much of my photography, something I feel has hampered my attempts in this assignment and something I have not always considered when composing my shots.

Again a wider viewpoint would have improved the composition.






I have invested in an ultra wide 10-22mm lens and on a  return visit to Cornwall in April  2011 I managed to take some much wider images of the Minack Theatre as suggested, shame there was no performance. Images below were taken at 10mm and are visually more informative , the sheer scale of the Minack is far clearer here than with my previous images.

All images         F14             1/100            ISO 100          @ 10mm           Daylight WB

 Gwelva images.

  I agree with Robert’s comment that I needed a higher viewpoint  making the Mount take on more importance within the frame.

I was trying too hard here to make an image that says something about how it is seen and used.My attempt at an “arty” image” but without too much thought about how it would be interpreted. Robert  commented that ” the boat and the sea” create the “sense of place , use and interaction“, hence the depth of field is too shallow excluding what are the most important elements in the frame. The image below, excluding the sign, is more representative of what was needed and being asked for .

F7      1/400      ISO 100      @ 70mm     Daylight WB

A “nice sunny shot” but once again not wide enough excluding the surrounding area.

The most successful shot and one I was particularly pleased with.Robert commented “ I love the quality of the light, the expansive sense of space and particulary the sense of scale here” . He has suggested removing the small figure of a boy lying down in PS . I shall give it a go, but I rather liked him in the frame showing  how two individuals were using the space.

Gwelva # 4. Evening———–boy removed in PS 

This was quite awkward for me to do but viewing the image on my computer screen I can understand why Robert suggested doing it. The eye is lead  towards the small single figure in the frame , the boy created a distraction.But until I print it A4 size I will not be able to really judge just how accurate my PS work has been for this image!

My House images.

I must confess I was getting desperate for ideas when I took this image , and as Robert points out  although its “amusing” my closely framed image is once again about an object not the space!!! Wider (yet again) would have said more about the function of this room not the person within it.

I am glad Robert liked this image, a long exposure that took me ages to set up but has suggested cropping out the white walls which I will do. This suprises me as for the majority of my images I really needed to go wider.

Cropped. I think Robert’s suggestion to crop has improved the image. Attention is placed fully on the figure as “that’s what this is really about”

The surgery images.

This set of images were the last ones I took and I feel more successful in fulfilling the brief of the assignment. Perhaps I was starting to consider more how and what to frame ,however I could still have gone wider .

Toxic  although “interestingly manipulated”,Robert advised me that I needed to perhaps include the surrounding area to create a more “powerful” image.

I have re-taken and included more of the surrounding area. The room itself is an L shape and quite difficult to include everything so I do not think these images below are exceptionally great. I can see that by taking a wider viewpoint the purpose of the room and how it is used is better portrayed. I have created 2 more versions of the image as my original idea was to try and convey the halluciogenic effect of drugs but actually now feel the 3nd (normal) version works better with the other images as a coherent set.


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