Progress update

 Just returned from another week in Cornwall and have been busy taking images for the course and more personal work that interests me. I hope the two can be combined for the exercises and next two assignments. I have decided to concentrate on the Mount’s Bay area of Cornwall to base my next assignment on, an area I know well. I have had more time to look at different aspects of the area during this visit and returning to work next week will have little spare time needed  to dedicate to the photography of  my own local area as I had considered doing. As the next assignment is not about tourism  choosing how, and what, to photograph proved challenging.


Whilst there I met a wonderful local character who I could not resist photographing. He is a local amateur historian who  was walking  through his home town of Penzance. He was so sweet , with a marvellous face, I love the character of an older face. I told him he had a wonderful photogenic face, he was very surprised and told me no one has ever said that before. Even if I do  not use any of his portrait pictures for my next assignments or exercises I really enjoyed talking to and photographing this man. I feel the coursework has given me the confidence (and a reason) to approach a total stranger in this way. I have promised to send him copies of the prints when I have processed them. 

Bakery and cafe

Sat in a cafe I realised the window allowed me to photograph reasonably unobtrusively providing a great vantage point. Additionally as my husband talked to the lady working on the counter I took some pictures of her, although my camera is not small she really did not seem to notice me taking them, she was far too busy chatting!


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