Progress-or lack of it!

One of the great difficulties of distance learning is self-discipline —–I keep putting off what I should be doing, which is writing up exercise 19 (I have the photographs all done) but do other stuff instead. Even writing this means I am not doing what I should be doing! I pick up my books thinking I will perhaps write a sentence or two about what I have read but don’t.  I feel how I felt when I was at school (a long, long, time ago) when I would make any excuse not to do my homework, only to have a mad panic attack later in the week. My eldest daughter had her hair shaved off at the weekend for charity raising over £700 , a photograph of her new hairstyle was essential. Then  my granddaughter stayed over and this gave me another excuse not to do any OCA work but to take more pictures of her instead, using my favourite black background. Any way , having confessed  I feel inspired to  start writing at last.



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