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As much as I wanted to try and take some take interior shots I have limited myself to completing this exercise out of doors. My first series of images for this exercise were taken in Penzance on Mazey day, an annual charity event. The streets were packed and this was an ideal occasion to try and show just how busy the streets became. I  used different focal lengths, and in an attempt to show the business  of the day I have filled the frame with people. Thinking back to exercise 12, close up and involved , I felt brave enough to use a 28mm focal length as I walked through the town and did not feel too self-conscious. I feel the atmosphere created by Mazey day helped, the weather was beautiful and people were enjoying the unique mood of the day. All of the images show how packed the streets were, but I do feel the wider angled views help re-create the way if felt to be part of a large crowd. However not all of the images really demonstrate what the function of the streets was that day: a charity carnival.

A wider view would have really improved this first shot to include more of the street and the surrounding crowds.


F4        1/500            ISO 100        Daylight WB   


F6.3        @ 70mm


F9        1/500                ISO 200                 


F4            1/500             ISO 100     

A greater depth of field would  improve this image.


 Not great examples  but the wider angle involves the viewer in the scene. It is not really obvious exactly what is happening in the streets.


F7. Its quite difficult to walk and shoot straight at the same time!


This image includes the surrounding buildings, not well composed though. I really needed to spend more time looking through the viewfinder to get the best composition, but this was quite difficult due to how busy the streets were that day. There were steps further back behind me but there was no space to stand , this would have perhaps given me a better vantage point to look down and along the street. A much wider view would have improved this shot, 28mm was the widest lens I had that day.

The Causeway & beach. Marazion.I spent some time just watching visitors trekking across the causeway to St Michael’s Mount. When the causeway is open the Mount is accessible on foot , I photographed the trail of people as they crossed the pathway. Out of season this pathway can often be quite deserted with just a few people crossing, but the image below give an indication of the function and how busy the crossing can be.The snaking line of people create a curved line leading the eye along the pathway to the mount. The figures get tinier further along the line and are unrecognisable. A more panoramic view including all of the mount would improve this composition, showing the true scale of the mount in contrast to the tiny figures below it on their modern day pilgrimage. 

F11         1/250        ISO 100      @ 59mm        Daylight WB

The previous exercise concentrated on just placing a single figure in the frame, this one involved including as many as possible to show the busy nature of a place. My examples are not particularly  adventurous and a wider more encompassing view would give the images greater scale, this I feel is the lesson to be learned and what my tutor has encouraged me to try and do .Large panoramic images are my nemesis, I must really try and think SCALE SCALE SCALE!


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