Objectivity versus Subjectivity

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Approaching assignment 4 I have started to consider  if I need to be more objective. My photos are usually of subjects I feel an affinity for , therefore I believe the majority of my photography is subjective. Photography to me is a way of showing how I feel about someone or something ,and how I see the world around me ,from a very personal point of view. I photograph things that amuse me, make me smile, or I simply like . I enjoy portraiture, how on earth can I tackle an assignment  that calls for an dispassionate  look at what places mean to those who live there? 

Is it even possible to present an unbiased representation, surely the photographer nearly always has some sort of influence on the final image? The photographer chooses when, where ,what and how to capture.Deadpan photography is uninfluenced by individual preferences but by capturing  “scenes from a precise angle—–acknowledges the fact that certain angles make the photographer’s perspective (or experience) more evident to the viewer, and others less so.” pgs 98-99, Chapter 3 , Deadpan ,The photograph as contemporary art.  Charlotte Cotton,  new edition, Thames & Hudson, London 2009.


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