I am aware of being very self-critical and at the moment this is taking away the pleasure of photography somewhat for me. Additionally I am really tired, stressed, and snappy . Work is busy, we are short staffed, its Christmas next week and I haven’t written a single card much less finished shopping. On top off all that although assignment 4 images were all printed and ready to go to my tutor I decided 2 days ago they were not really what was expected ! Am I being hyper critical because I am so harassed? I emailed Robert, my tutor, to tell him I would not be submitted my assignment this week as planned but would be re-taking and re-thinking how I could tackle it. He e-mailed me back with some very useful advice, and on reflection I have decided to carry on as planned with this set of images. I feel rather than keep taking more and more photographs I am not happy with it is better to try and move forward towards the final assignment with fresh ideas (and eyes).


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