Assignment 4 feedback

I am really pleased with the feedback for this assignment. Before Xmas I had emailed my tutor Robert to tell him I was not at all happy with what I had chosen to do and was going to re-take the whole assignment. However I finally chose not to (see blog entry Dilemma in Thoughts on progress section 14th December) and am so glad I submitted the set of images I had carefully planned and taken. I tried to use the light constructively for this assignment and Robert commented “You’ve managed to get across the atmosphere of the place by using the light and using backgrounds well” . Having been warned about over-saturating some of my images for assignment 3 I used softer more muted tones for this assignment , Robert commented ” What post-processing you have done is well balanced and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb or detract from the theme here , which is embodied in the light, the connection people have to the sea, the sense of stillness or quietness and distance“. This does not mean I had not made mistakes, I closely framed a couple of the images and do agree with Robert’s critique that they would have worked far better with a wider view. He also had a couple of suggestions for some post-processing changes to be made in PS, which I shall also be doing, but on the whole a very positive and encouraging report.

Waiting.The light and space worked well according to Robert and he liked the conrast of the sharply focused boat against the background , but he felt the line of dark rocks behind cause a destraction.   Time to challenge my PS skills yet again, Robert has suggested some techniques to try. I am unsure as to the ethics of removing things that are physically present, the rocks form part of the bay the fisherman works in but can understand how the dark line does create an unwanted element in the frame.

Gone Fishing. I agree entirely with Robert’s comment about my framing, I have chopped part of his body off and there is too much empty space above his head! This would have been a much better composition if I had stood back a bit and included more detail in the frame. I love tightly framed portraits and could not resist taking this fisherman’s picture.

Mount’s Bay Rowing team. Again a tightly framed image that would have been better with a wider view, but with good colour and light Robert commented. He suggests removing the red sign in PS with the clone tool and I do agree. The blob (what else can I call it ?! ) of red colour is ugly and of no visual advantage at all. Now that it has been pointed out to me I find my eye keeps looking from the rowers across the frame towards it.

Time and Tide. I felt this was the most successful image of the assignment, and Robert commented ” This is a lovely atmospheric shot. You could print this as large as it’ll  go“So really pleased with feedback for this.

Rush hour. “A good wide landscape shot again considering light and colour well“.  But the ugly post in the foreground really needed to be avoided, quite a simple matter of me having moved nearer and additionally Robert further suggests cropping the right hand side to improve the composition and balance. I shall therefore crop as suggested , not too sure if Iwill be able to “remove that bar in Photoshop with some clever use of the clone tool” though!He also suggested this may have been the better first image of my assignment, I nearly chose this as my initial photograph and am cross I changed my mind.
The Mount’s Bay Duck.  Robert commented on the “lovely light” and the “strong and unusual subject” I chose for my final image. He mentioned he thought I should have perhaps waited to catch the occupant of the vehicle  in a more telling moment. I had not really considered the man’s movements or gestures and now realise this was a failing on my part as I was concentrating on the light and framing not the person within the vehicle.

Rush hour —-post removed in PS (uncropped version)

It was actually easier than I anticipated to remove the post, possibly due to the textures and tones of the beach and surrounding area, which made it more simple to make my removal look more  realistic than any of my usual attempts . The image is certainly improved by its removal , a valuable reminder to always check the composition BEFORE pressing the shutter!

Rush Hour ——cropped version.

As suggested by Robert I have also cropped about 3cm from the right hand side to improve the composition.

Mount’s bay rowing team ——-minus the red blob!

Waiting——-rocks less contrast

I managed to use the quick selection tool and reduce the contrast of the dark line of rocks as suggested by Robert, my PS skills are not great and I am sure there is a better way to do it than I managed but I will see how it looks when I print it. Re-reading Robert’s critique I realise he was not suggesting removing the line of rocks completely,  just to try and  “diminish its prominence“, which I feel has worked well.


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