Magnum Stories

 Magnum Stories, Edited by Chris Boot, Phaidon Press Ltd, London 2004.

This huge book was delivered from Amazon on Monday, recommended by my tutor , to look through prior to commencing assignment 5.It looks at the work of 61 Magnum photographers who selected  the lay out and text to accompany their chosen photo narrative and how it should be presented in the book. Magnum    is a high-status photo agency formed in 1947 enabling photographers the freedom to follow personal projects.

This book is really useful to browse through and see how individual  photographers approach their projects and  assignments.

I still find approaching complete strangers an ordeal, but take comfort in the fact that even a photographer like Bruce Gilden, who shoots close up with a 28mm lens, feels uncomfortable “believe it or not ,I’m basically shy and it’s not my style to make advances and talk to people if I don’t feel comfortable” pg 186 Magnum Stories.


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