Slow (snail-like) progress !!!!

Getting behind with my final assignment. I have had so little time to go and do any photography. I have probably made the assignment more difficult for myself by having chosen to do a series of images centering around  teenagers   (the majority are strangers ). I am at work , its raining , or I am just too tired to be bothered. On a positive note I have been doing a bit of work on my blog and have started to record my thoughts about feedback from my previous assignments (I had originally intended keeping these off-line) .  Additionally I have been doing a lot of reading trying to gather thoughts and ideas together , so I guess  I must not feel too despondent.  The course takes a lot of commitment, I recently commented on the OCA Flickr group in response to a question why are people studying photography  that it is a hobby for me, perhaps that was a slight understatement as I find all I think and read about these days is  photography related, its become a passion! (I drive my family nuts). I have no intention at my age (57) of changing career now, but do hope in a few more years when I am finally able to work part-time I will have more time to continue with personal photographic projects as well as continue with my OCA studies. I get immense pleasure learning how to improve my technical skills and to consider how the world functions around me photographically.


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