I met Roger for the first time whilst I was in Cornwall last year (October 2010). I was trying to obtain some more images for assignment 4.  He is a wonderful local character who I could not resist photographing, an amateur historian who  was walking  through his home town of Penzance. I told him he had a wonderful photogenic face, he was very surprised and told me no one has ever said that to him before. Even though I did not use any of his pictures for my  assignment I really enjoyed talking to and photographing this man.

I returned to Cornwall  again this year (April 2011) and took the prints to his house, he invited me into his home. I had not intended taking any photographs of him that day but as I had my camera with me I took some of him inside his home and as I left. He is so sweet , with a marvellous face, I love how his expressions change as he talks, they show such character. However, I have decided not to include those taken inside his house on this blog as I feel that is an invasion of his personal space and I feel honoured by his trust in allowing me–a virtual stranger– into his home.

The coursework has given me the confidence (and a reason) to approach a total stranger in this way. I am certain that without having completed the exercises and assignments I would never have thought, or had the confidence, to  take a series of images like this of a man I had only met twice.



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