Simon Roberts

I went to see an exhibition of his work today @ the Mac, Cannon Hill Park Birmingham.

We English

On looking at this collection I was amazed at the intricate detail visible in his large scale work which is printed at 50 x 40.  It is great to be able to get really close up to work like this as there is so much detail within the frame that is not immediately noticeable, tiny dots turn out to be human inhabitants of the landscape scaled images . He uses a 5 x 4 Ebony plate camera, “a brand new traditional old design“. Once the film is in the camera he is unable to see and compose through the lens, he comments that any human subjects therefore cannot be too sure if he is actually shooting them as his eye is not looking at them through the viewfinder. Additionally he uses a cable release frequently held behind his back. The camera forces him to work slowly, he has to ” look and study” carefully to compose , this slowness he feels helps  “crafting a photograph” .These are not quick, candid, images, they are thoughtful and studied images of the British landscape that just happen to also include people. My favourite was of Saunton Sands, Devon, 23/5/2008. The frame is filled with soft beige neutral tones and gentle curves, with tiny, just visible, black dots of surfers.

The Election Project He was chosen as the 2010 Election Artist and his images capture the disparate nature of what is
Britain in the 21st Century. In an age where digital images are beamed around the world instantaneously his use of old traditional photography forces the viewer to slow down and really look at the rich diversity captured by his seemingly old fashioned methods.


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