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Varying pose

Posted in Project work with tags on March 16, 2010 by Judy Bach

I began this exercise by flicking through the fashion pages of the Saturday Guardian and Sunday Observer.  I also watched a model @ Focus (see section on Focus on Imaging in Books etc section).I looked through a beautiful book I bought, “VANITY FAIR PORTRAITS A century of iconic images” Graydon Carter and the editors of Vanity Fair, National Portrait Gallery Publications, London 2008. The book is huge and heavy but the images are so inspiring, and looking through I realised how little notice I often take of a body’s twists and turns, and how these can influence a portrait. Hands especially seem to cause problems.I find it quite difficult directing and deciding what is a good or interesting pose, I hope this exercise can help me achieve greater understanding (and patience). More time spent setting up a formal portrait will hopefully also improve the structure  of my work.

My mum  is obviously not very agile, but as I am going to be using her as my subject for my first assignment I wanted to get into practice attempting varying poses etc. Images taken sitting, leaning, and standing.

I took a series if shots indoors using a stool for her to sit or hold onto as I suggested various poses. I also used my  black backdrop , I did not want any background distraction——–I wanted to concentrate on seeing how pose affects the final outcome.

Reviewing the 18 images taken  what I found I had not noticed at the time of shooting was the change of expression for each pose I asked my mum to do. As I was concentrating on the pose I took little notice of the look on her face at the time .

A few examples below.  Contact sheet with 18 images in off -line journal.


F4.5   59mm     ISO 100         

@ 28 mm

I like the pose for these 3 images, she looks relaxed & @ ease. Uisng the chair back as a prop for her to hold onto obviously helped.

In the image below she is no longer smiling, was this done subconsciously as she changed her pose?

F5.6 @ 45mm

Full length                                                 @                            F4        28mm